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Mapping The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA)

NREPA lands in relationship to existing wilderness and national park lands

Now available, a comprehensive graphic view in Google Maps, showing:
  • NREPA proposed wilderness additions (roadless areas of the Northern Rockies)
  • National Wilderness Preservation System tracts (current wilderness areas)
  • Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park

Download & View NREPA


  • NREPA (roadless) parcels were digitized from different sources of varying scales and resolutions. As such, their boundaries do not dovetail precisely with with digital representations of existing wilderness area or national park boundaries. The spatial relationships, however, are evident.
  • This is large file, 26MB, and takes approximately 3 minutes to download to your browser, execute the JavaScript, and render the display. If you might view this data again at a later date, save it to your computer rather than downloading it multiple times. This cuts display time to about 15 seconds. To save the map to your computer, at the top of your browser menu, choose 'File - Save Page As - Webpage HTML Only.'
  • The map displays in the following browsers:
  • It does not display in Internet Explorer or Firefox   :(

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